Occult Minds in Sweden

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The Occult Minds project is relocating – again! As reported back in February, funding for the original postdoc project at UCSB ran out last year. The research that it seeded, however, will continue to bear fruit for quite some time. After a six-month stay at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, I am pleased to announce that I have now taken up an assistant professorship in the history of religions at Stockholm University. It is the equivalent of a tenure track position, so I this time I may stick around for a while. My teaching responsibilities here will focus mostly on new religious movements, Western esotericism, the cognitive science of religion and social scientific approaches to religious change/innovation, while the Occult Minds project will remain one of my key research focuses.

During the past six months I have also been preparing a few Occult Minds-related papers for publication. Further updates on those, and on other aspects of the project, will be published here in due time.



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