Why fear the history of science? A brief response to Don Wiebe

This post was first published on Heterodoxology, Oct. 23, 2015. I am more used to being labelled a “scientistic reductionist” than an “anti-science relativist”. While neither is particularly accurate, I was certainly surprised to see Don Wiebe review my book,...
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On merging esotericism with the cognitive science of religion: In search of precursors

The cognitive science of religion (CSR) and the academic study of Western esotericism are arguably the two most exciting new subdisciplines to emerge from religious studies in recent decades. The ambition of the Occult Minds project is to bring them...
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Welcome to Occult Minds – A research blog on esotericism and cognition

It has taken a bit longer than expected, but finally I have the pleasure of welcoming you to Occult Minds: the official website for my postdoctoral research project at UC Santa Barbara. For new audiences, my name is Egil Asprem,...
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