Forthcoming publications: reverse engineering, building blocks, and event cognition

RBB cover
I am happy to announce that two publications related to the Occult Minds project have been accepted for publication in top religious studies journals over the past week. The first of these, “Experience as Event,” is a co-authored article with...
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How does new age literature cherry-pick its science? A cognitive approach

Science is prestige. Many new religious groups know this very well, and desire to have their spiritual claims vindication by Science. This is especially the case for esoteric new religions, which often owe their theological foundations to Theosophy and other...
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On merging esotericism with the cognitive science of religion: In search of precursors

The cognitive science of religion (CSR) and the academic study of Western esotericism are arguably the two most exciting new subdisciplines to emerge from religious studies in recent decades. The ambition of the Occult Minds project is to bring them...
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