List of Publications

Arguing with Angels (SUNY Press, 2012)

Arguing with Angels (SUNY Press, 2012)

Problem of Disenchantment (Brill, 2014)




Contemporary Esotericism (Equinox, 2013)

Contemporary Esotericism (Equinox, 2013)



Egil Asprem (2014). The Problem of Disenchantment: Scientific Naturalism and Esoteric Discourse, 1900-1939. Numen Book Series. Leiden: Brill.

Egil Asprem (2012). Arguing with Angels: Enochian Magic and Modern Occulture. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.


Edited Volumes

Egil Asprem & Kennet Granholm, eds. (2013). Contemporary Esotericism. Sheffield: Equinox Publishing Ltd. [front matter] [bibliography]


Journal Articles

Taves, A, E. Asprem, and E. Ihm. (2018, forthcoming) “Psychology, Meaning Making, and the Study of Worldviews: Beyond Religion and Non-Religion.” Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (special issue). DOI: 10.1037/rel0000201.

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Selected Book Chapters

Asprem, E., and A. Taves. (Forthcoming, 2018). “To Our Critics.” In Brad Stoddard, ed., Method Today: Beyond Description and Hermeneutics in Religious Studies Scholarship. London: Equinox. [Response to invited commentaries on "Explanation and the Study of Religion"].

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